Åbäke is the Swedish word for a large and cumbersome object, but it is also the moniker of Swedish musician Rikard Jönsson. He was born in 1985 and has worked with making music digitally since 2003. As Åbäke, he released his debut album in 2010, collecting fragments of songs made between 2008-2010 while he was living in the cities of Malmö, Mumbai and Milan.

Coming from a background in post-rock and ambient/glitch, with some jazz influences added to the mix, Åbäke has has crafted an instrumental, pop ambient, mid-fi soundscape.

Åbäke has played on many stages across Scandinavia under many pseudonyms. He has remixed artists such as Boeoes Kaelstigen and Mondd. His cover of the Portishead song Roads gained much attention when Portishead featured it on their blog.

2011 and 2012 saw the birth of two EPs, which were much more piano-driven than before.