Pop gems born of a happy accident

As with many a great idea, BOA is the result of happy accident. The band was formed in an inspired moment when the Bokor brothers, Attila and Botond, were jamming on their front yard and their cousin Orsi spontaneously joined in with her golden voice.

After some ups and downs, twists and turns, BOA is now a five-piece. Their self-produced, idiosyncratic strain of pop is sometimes melancholy, sometimes carefree, but always melodic and captivating. Constantly conquering new audiences, they have become a fixture in Gothenburg's club scene, thanks to their catchy and earnest songs, their tight delivery and Orsi's magnetic stage presence.

Members: Attila Bokor, Botond Bokor, Orsi Toró, William Seidl and Olof Gadd