Henrik José

Henrik has been into composing music for as long as he can remember. From throwing porcelain plates to the floor as a two year old, by way of using tape recorders for a primitive multi-channel recording as a ten year old, to the modern laptop studio of today.

Henrik started his career in music by participating in the demo scene (a community of computer enthusiasts making real time computer art). He has been releasing music for free on the internet since 1997, on net labels like Monotonik and 23 Seconds, as well as on his own website.

In 2007, Henrik's music took a turn toward a more pop oriented style, and he also took up singing. Among his releases before joining Jämmerdosa, 2010's "The Little Things" is notable.

When Henrik is not releasing music he is working professionally with sound related jobs. You can tell that he works with sounds - it shows in his masterful sense of detail and sonic texture, especially in his recent songs. 

Henrik also likes to balance on long slacklines, make short films and bake pizzas.