Folk pop alchemists

There are bands that can make music reflecting both the light and the darkness in life. Varg is such a band. Already on their debut EP, they proved to be in possession of a strong musical chemistry and melodic sensibility. Since then, they have toured extensively throughout Sweden. The band consist of Sandra Karlsson (vocals, guitars), Linnea Talp (vocals, cello, keys), Max Häggberg (drums, vocals) and Julia Ringdahl (keys, percussion, vocals).

With their upcoming full length album Embroidery (out march 17), Varg have have taken their pop hymns to a new level. Finding inspiration in the music of Chelsea Wolfe, Efterklang and Stina Nordenstam, they have written their finest melodies yet, and augmented them with horns, strings, orchestral percussion and vocal harmonies. Embroidery’s nine beautiful and personal songs were recorded and refined together with producer György Barocsai, from Gothenburg’s legendary Svenska Grammofonstudion.