Kalter & Åbäke - Prologue (JMD001)

This split EP by Kalter and Åbäke consists of one original track and one remix from each artist. In many ways they are a perfect match: Åbäke's contemplative, piano-based ambient piece False Dichotomy is contrasted by Kalter's Unknown Shooter, which starts out subtle and grows to a bouncy dance floor climax. The remixes are vivid and upbeat: a blend of natural and urban soundscapes, vibrant colors and soft turns.


  1. Åbäke – False Dichotomy pt.1 & pt.2
  2. Kalter – Unknown Shooter
  3. Kalter – Kalter (Åbäke remix)
  4. Åbäke – Through (Kalter remix)

Release date

21st February 2011