Henrik José - Photo Album (JMD006)

Henrik José's six-minute suite Photo Album  is more than a song - it is a world of its own. Over an ever-changing arrangement of digital percussion, dhol drums, synth arpeggios and a variety of well-placed samples, Henrik's voice leaps and soars with a sense of closeness and honesty. While the title track is playful and extroverted, B-side track Den Andra Handen, a sort of secular hymn, is more intimate.

With this single, Henrik José has added a whole range of vivid colors to his palette. Some of them might be familiar to fans of Cocteau Twins and Animal Collective. 

Photo Album is also featured in Henrik's short film with the same title. You can watch it to the right! 


  1. Photo Album
  2. Den Andra Handen

Release date

June 3, 2011