BOA - Forever And Never (JMD009)

Forever and Never is BOA's first full length release. Part heartache, part joy and carelessness, it is a true pop album, full of catchy melodies and sincere, compassionate lyrics. 

Their music is sometimes melancholic, sometimes careless, but above all it is a build up of captivating melodies. Which actually make pop seem like a bleak description of their sound, BOA has discovered a new way of making pop. And who thought that was possible? 
A pop phenomena standing steady and confident with strong, catchy and diverse melodies and sincere, compassionate lyrics with a great deal of recognition. 


  1. Push
  2. Limited emotions
  3. Pool
  4. Think of you
  5. Raincheck
  6. New beginning
  7. Vagabond
  8. Limited emotions
  9. Force it
  10. Follow a trace
  11. Scrapbook

Release date

September 30, 2011