Fiktion - I en trästuga utan ström med tända stearinljus… (JMD010)

Our 10th release is a dim melodic EP from Fiktion. It features three versions of the same song, originally from the pre-Jämmerdosa release Morfint. These versions all have different instruments, tempos, tones and nuances, from the airy live feeling of track one, through the thick electric organ arrangement of track two, to the introverted, guitar-centered original version as track three.

Translated to English, the title reads In a wooden cottage with no electricity, with burning candles, after the snow storm has subsided. Together, these tracks evoke exactly that kind of tranquil wintery atmosphere.

The EP also features two remixes, one by labelmate Åbäke, and one by Rehnborg, as well as a cover of a Lars Demian song featured in the classic Swedish children's TV show Ika i Rutan.


  1. …efter att snöstormen har lagt sig III
  2. …efter att snöstormen har lagt sig II
  3. …efter att snöstormen har lagt sig I (Orig.)
  4. …efter att snöstormen har lagt sig I (Interpr. by Åbäke)
  5. …efter att snöstormen har lagt sig I (Interpr. by Rehnborg)
  6. Emilio – Original by Lars Demian

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