Fiktion - Burn That Gloom (JMD012)

Burn That Gloom is the fourth album from electroacoustic artist Fiktion, and his first full-length release on Jämmerdosa. It is a tale inspired by seemingly gloomy, but truly life-affirming ceremonies such as the burning of Zozobra and the Day of the Dead. Musically, it is a mix of dim, slow jazz, slavic folklore, organs and dub – all in a comfortably obscure suite of electroacoustic storytelling.

Among these 13 poetic tunes, you can hear an interpretation of the Finnish mystified act Paavoharju (Fonal Records) and also a tune from the old Swedish children's TV show Ika i Rutan, originally composed by Lars Demian.

Not convinced yet? Read Fiktion's own words about this release: ”My album is toothless, an empty-headed facade. It has no guts and doesn’t have a leg to stand on. It is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. It never wins. It moans and groans, rolls its eyes and twists its head. The mouth gapes and chomps. The arms flail about in frustration. Every year we do it in. We string it up and burn it down in a blaze of fireworks. At last, it is gone, taking with it all our troubles for another whole year.”


  1. Wobble Trust 
  2. Cempasúchils 
  3. Jogelen 
  4. Röd lukt 
  5. Old Man Gloom 
  6. The Puppet Show 
  7. It shone, pale as bone (Original by Lars Demian) 
  8. Stadigt svänger sig livets andning 
  9. Lacrima 
  10. Alania (Original by Paavoharju) 
  11. Jasnoca 
  12. 9-9-0-6-9-4-7-X-B-7-1 
  13. Tyst liv, ingen död

Release date

May 2, 2012