Monokeros - Ghost Laundry (JMD018)

Ghost Laundry, the debut single from Monokeros, is a rhodes organ riff on top of a hip hop beat, sliding into a wall of guitar echoes. It is an instrumental piece that started with a few sounds borrowed from fellow Jämmerdosa artist Fiktion, and evolved into something of its own, with inspiration from Deceptikon, Mogwai and Kaki King. Perhaps it is the sound of nocturnal tidal waves, or that of sea smoke and dim lights. Or maybe a laundromat possessed by poltergeists.

The release also features wildly different remixes by Monokeros, Åbäke and Stromberg.


  1. Ghost Laundry
  2. Ghost Laundry (Monokeros Centrifugal Mix)
  3. Ghost Laundry (Stromberg Dry Cleaner Mix)
  4. Ghost Laundry (Åbäke Detergent Mix)

Release date

September 14, 2013