Himlakropp - Tusenårssömn (JMD021)

The time has come to forage into the deepest woods of Värmland, then to outer space and back! Tusenårssömn, the new album by Himlakropp, is released today on Jämmerdosa. For fans of Trentemøller, Röyksopp and Fiktion, the moods and temperament of Himlakropp will strike a familiar chord.

Robert Eklund, aka Himlakropp (which is the Swedish word for celestial body), highlights the secret, the forgotten and the mystical, with music inspired by dense forests and planetary movements. While techno was the primary inspiration for Himlakropp's previous, self-released album Megamal, Tusenårssömn has a more organic feel, and draws upon Nordic folk music and dub.

– Every song started with a story, an image or a dream – says Robert. – There is a sort of visual aspect to it. Icon Houses is about tribes of tiny people living inside your desktop icons. Bryggor Genom Kaffesumpen was inspired by a dream I had, where I heard a distant melody, and it turned out to be James Blake singing from a canoe on a sea of coffee grounds. Värmland Space Center is about overcoming the provinciality of Värmland by building something really smart, like a space center. But perhaps we would screw it up by sending cows or elks to outer space by mistake.


  1. Tusenårssömn
  2. Icon Houses
  3. Ginnungagap
  4. Bryggor Genom Kaffesumpen
  5. Kafferast
  6. Knights of Nobleness
  7. Mountains Hunger
  8. Finland Voodoo Club
  9. Idegran Dub
  10. Värmland Space Center

Release date

August 8, 2014