BOA - memento mori (JMD022)

"What if it all was gone tomorrow?”

Everything has an end, even the BOA story - after seven years as a band they have now finished their final EP, memento mori.

In four tracks, memento mori sums up the essence of BOA. This is BOA at their sweetest, but also at their most contemplative. From pondering lost love on opening track Perhaps, through the dreamy intimacy of I Almost Fell Aslep and the uptempo bittersweetness of The Whistle Song (maybe the ultimate BOA track), we arrive at the dramatic and soul-searching What If. memento mori reminds us about the big questions in life and love. The world might be ending, so where do we go from here?

Is this really the end? Could there be another BOA album? To quote the opening track of memento mori: ”In another life, perhaps…”



  1. Perhaps
  2. I Almost Fell Asleep
  3. The Whistle Song
  4. What If

Release date

February 28, 215