Fiktion - FORMA (JMD023)

Forma, Fiktion’s brand new EP, is sacral music for secular times. It was recorded in just one day, using an old piano in the artist’s home.

"I wanted to do something spontaneous and immediate, with just piano and vocals.", Gustaf Lundh (Fiktion) explains. "For the last two years, old liturgical music has been a great inspiration for me. Silence has become a more important element in my work."

There is a beautiful simplicity to Forma, where Fiktion's introverted side is channeled through accessible melodies.

"Särskilja" sets the tone with a meditation in Swedish on independence and belonging. "BWV 934" is a unique interpretation of Bach, with a touch of impressionism and a thoughtful hesitance absent from traditional interpretations.

Title track "Forma" starts with a droning piano and features a poem sung in latin, but in the end its solemnity is relieved by rippling ornaments. "Rum 212", finally, is an interpretation of a song by Swedish band Sällskapet, with a melody evocative of Swedish folk music.

In these four songs, you’ll find solemnity, tranquility, self-reflection and hope. 



  1. Särskilja
  2. BWV 934 
  3. Forma
  4. Rum 212

Release date

March 25, 2015