Tungt Vatten - st (JMD025)

Tungt Vatten is Gustaf Lundh (Fiktion, Onomi) and Markus Pettersson. Their debut album is an original, existential take on lullabies. Here, themes of closeness, dependence and independence are filtered through the dual perception of adult and child.

"It all started as a guitar duo. We took turns improvising small snippets and incrementally building on each others’ melodies", says Lundh. "Then we took these ideas and turned them into songs."

The snippets were condensed and arranged in eight tracks, fleshed out with marimba, vibraphone and vocals. The results are tender and pensive, but also unsettling - from carnival stomper Theodor, through mournful lullaby Vaggvisa för barn, to the hopeful insistence of Vind.

Cover art by Markus Pettersson.


  1. Intro
  2. Theodor
  3. Dans för två
  4. Tid
  5. Vaggvisa för barn
  6. Sanning
  7. Dröm för två
  8. Vind

Release date

December 23, 2015