Himlakropp - Sunnan (JMD029)

Sunnan, Himlakropp's fourth album, is a magical atlas of musical excursions to places real and imagined. Indonesian gamelans, bass clarinets, pop vocals and north Indian drums are just some of the ingredients in this vast electro-acoustic symphony.

To me, Sunnan is light and free in a bittersweet way, like youre on a journey, but you don't quite know where, says Himlakopp.

Fans of Himlakropp will recognize his signature playfulness and warmth, as well as his amazing layering of melodies. This time, his own vocals are featured more prominently, synthesizers are swapped for folk instruments, and the results are as direct and emotive as ever.

Album art by Max Strand


  1. Jakarta
  2. Mumbai
  3. Herulia
  4. Penang
  5. Kanada
  6. Forsnor

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