Monne & Simon Olaus - Techno på Svenska Vol. 1 (JMD030)

Techno På Svenska Vol. 1, a collaboration between Monne and Simon Olaus, is an EP of three vivid tracks that take the listener on a journey to their native home of southern Norrland. A place where endless forests are fragmented by clear-cutting areas and gravel roads. Rivers run deep and eventually reach the coastline where villages are built around factories and old lumber mills. This is where the music of Techno På Svenska takes place.

As old friends, Monne and Simon Olaus have found a common expression of music in the intersection of new, electronic influences and their roots in punk, death metal and Swedish folk music.

"We melted together our different musical preferences and found a common ground, based on the bittersweet love we share for our home town. While living there we dreamed of something else, but since we left we always long back. This musical project captures the essence of Västernorrland with a sturdy base and cold, harsh melodies on top. Like northern lights over an industrial town."


  1. Brottet var hunger
  2. Annandan
  3. Ådalsbanan

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