Monne & Simon Olaus - Techno På Svenska Vol. 2 (JMD031)

"Same damn streets different season, same damn grey slush on the ground, sneakers leaking, headphone speakers peaking." - Supersci - Forests And Factories

Techno På Svenska Vol. 2, is the second collaboration between Monne and Simon Olaus. This time they refine their sound and go deeper into their roots in southern Norrland. If the first EP described Västernorrland in general, Vol.2 aims to describe their shared hometown of Sundsvall in particular.

"We wanted to make electronic program music about growing up in Sundsvall and the surrounding areas. From the euphoric feelings during spring and summer when the sun never sets to the compact darkness during winter. We’re both fans of the hiphop group Supersci and they have a song about Sundsvall called Forests And Factories. I guess we tried to capture the same feeling as in that song and make a home-listening-house-EP out of it."


  1. Stenstan
  2. Bräckt
  3. År efter år
  4. Dövikssjön

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